CROWS agreed to survey popular Strava segments in the area in order to identify the range of risks and what can be done about them. We selected five routes which have all been inspected – details below.

General conclusions about risk on Public Footpaths

These are based on what we found on the five routes inspected.

Poor sight-lines on bends caused by encroaching vegetation. Usually fairly easy to deal with

Narrow paths making it difficult for pedestrians or bikers to pass one another – can sometime be dealt with by cutting back and path widening

Damage to steps and revetment – this can be usually be remedied by improving a bypass bike route. Repairs to steps and revetment can be expensive.

Grooving of steep paths – paths that a walker can just about do can be rendered impossible when a deep groove is added to the slope.

Not on any Rights of Way

Bearded Lady appears to no longer be on Strava. Work has been done to see the effect of dealing with blind corners – now much improved.

Only parts of this route are on Rights Of Way. The main problem with this route is the cost of remedial work.

The Horsehold route is not on any rights of way and where it meets a public footpath, there is little risk.

The Loamsome route has some problems with sight-lines that CROWS will sort.