The objectives of the group shall be:-

  • to maintain and repair the Rights of Way and permissive path network in the Calderdale area.
  • to report to the Local Authority on the condition of the Rights of Way network.
  • Powers

    In furtherance of the objectives, the Group shall have the power to do all such lawful things as are necessary, and to work with like minded organisations for the attainment of the said objectives


  • Membership shall be open to all volunteers who work for the group,  in any capacity, plus anyone else the group decides is appropriate·
  • Once new volunteers have completed their induction and done an agreed number of work sessions, they can apply for membership. Any decision is made at quarterly members meetings and will purely be based on members’ experience of the person’s commitment and competence.
  • A member shall cease to be a member if:-

    i)      they die

    ii)      they resign

    iii)     they are expelled from membership in accordance with rule (see below).

  • The Group shall have the right to expel any member who is in breach of agreed rules enacted by the Work scheduling Group. This may include, breach of safety rules, bringing the group into disrepute, abusing other members, unannounced absence for 3 months.  The member has the right to put their case to the whole group, to be informed of the reason/s for expulsion.

    Annual General meeting

    An Annual General Meeting shall be held at least once in each calendar year in April/May to consider the following business:-

  • The report of the activities for the previous year.
  • The annual accounts.
  • The appointment of auditors (e.g. group member(s) who must not be Work scheduling Group members).
  • The election of officers of the Work scheduling Group.

    All members should be given one month’s clear notice of the AGM.

    The quorum for an AGM is 8 people including two from the work scheduling group. If a quorum is not present for an AGM, then the meeting will be adjourned for a period not exceeding seven days at which reconstituted meeting the quorum will be five members.

    Members Meetings

  • Members’ Meetings will be held quarterly (on an agreed cycle) or called by the Secretary or five members of the Work scheduling Group in writing. The business will include a report from the treasurer and the work scheduling group.
  •  The Secretary will be responsible for informing members of the date, time and place of General Meetings, together with an indication of the issues to be discussed, by giving at least ten days’ notice.
  • Each member has one vote and all decisions are to be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting. Except that amendments to the constitution and dissolution of the Work scheduling Group require a two thirds majority of those present and voting.  Proxy votes are not allowed.
  • Where possible, decisions shall be taken by consensus.  By consensus is meant a situation where all members present are in agreement on an issue, or where those not in agreement agree not to maintain an objection. In the event of consensus not being possible, the Chair will either defer the issue to the next subsequent General Meeting, or will put it to the vote. The chair will have a casting vote.
  • Meetings will be recorded by a decision and Action list

The quorum for Members’ Meetings is six members including two from the work scheduling group.

Work scheduling group

The main role of the work scheduling group is to agree monthly schedules for work. It may also decide to purchase tools etc. Further roles of the work scheduling group may emerge in the first year and these can be added to the role by agreement with the general meeting.

The work scheduling group will be elected at each AGM as follows:

Area co-ordinators for Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Luddenden, Ryburne (other area co-ordinators can be created when required)

The meetings may also be attended by



Minutes secretary


Meetings will be recorded by a decision and Action list

Bank account

Community Rights of Way Services will bank with Yorkshire Bank, Todmorden


  • A report on current finances will be presented at quarterly group meetings and the AGM.
  • All expenditure above £150 requires prior approval by at least three members including the treasurer, but where circumstances arise, expenditure below £150 can be authorised by one officer. Four members will be approved signatories and any two of the signatories must sign cheques on behalf of Community Rights of Way Services.
  • Community Rights of Way Services may not be overdrawn and no expenditure may be authorised, incurred or reimbursed when there are insufficient funds to cover the expenditure.

Application of Surplus

Periodically, on presentation of accounts, the work scheduling group may recommend that a sum of money is allocated so that volunteers are paid an amount to reimburse some of the expenses they have incurred. The individual amounts are to be based on the number of work days completed in the previous six months. .


In the event of the dissolution of the group, any remaining assets and money shall be distributed to other local organisations having similar objectives to the Group

Adopted at inaugural meeting August 30th 2013

Officers elected for 20013-14:

Chair – Peter Clarke

Secretary – Fred Goonoo

Minutes secretary – Eleanor Green (also Trish Brennan)

Treasurer – Richard Peters

Area co-ordinator for Todmorden – Richard Jackson (also Mick Chatham)

Area co-ordinator for Hebden Bridge – Ginny Feeney (also Richard Peters)

Area co-ordinator for Mytholmroyd   – Barbara Green (also Ruth Wilson)

Area co-ordinator for Luddenden – Fred Goonoo

Area co-ordinator for Ryburne – Graham Ramsden (also Lynda Porter)


Signed ……………………………………………………………………Chair  Date 31/08/2013

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