Gaddings Dam project


Please note the items posted on this page were for consultation so may not reflect the final version.

The problems with Gaddings Dam visitors are well known:

  • Bad parking preventing vehicles get along the road
  • People getting lost because there is no signage to direct people
  • Erosion of the desire line to the dam because people don’t know the alternatives
  • Litter etc because there is an assumption that an attraction like this will have litter bins etc

For the last six months we have been consulting and looking at what we can do to help the situation. Following successful funding bids from Crook Hill Community Benefit Fund,  Calderdale Council and Todmorden Town Council we have now come up with a plan.

  • Way-marking of all the routes – these will be finger posts and yellow top marker posts
  • Signage to discourage people from using the direct desire line in the form of an explanation of the problems with accidents and erosion
  • An interpretation board to explain the dam and guidance on things like parking, litter and fires etc
  • Working with Calderdale Highways and Tourism to deter people parking badly

We don’t expect this will remove all problems but it should go towards managing the situation next year.


CROWS hope to start work in late September/early October and the project will be done in four phases:

Phase 1. Putting in waymarking posts on the two routes

Phase 2. Putting in wooden finger posts at all the key junctions and installing small signs to discourage people using the eroded desire line

Phase 3. Improving the two paths (mainly dealing with drainage issues)

Phase 4 installing the roadside interpretation board

The work will be completed well before the next tourist season.

Consultation and feedback

CROWS has consulted widely on this project, but we still welcome comments and suggestions. Below are four key documents which are still work in progress:

Gadding waymarking schedule

Gadding map

Gaddings board content V8

Gadding A4 deterrent signs