Health and safety policy

Health and safety policy for CROWS

1.      Statement of general policy
2.      Organisation
3.      Arrangements
4.      Review

1.    Statement of general policy

CROWS will take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all volunteers at work.

CROWS will also take responsibility for the health and safety of Rights of Way users when working on a site.

CROWS will adhere to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and other relevant health and safety legislation and codes of practice.

To achieve those objectives it has appointed designated member(s) to be responsible for health and safety; to keep health, safety procedures under constant review; to liaise with the Health and Safety Executive or local authority, as applicable, where necessary; and to keep the organisation abreast of new legislation, EU directives, Regulations and British Standards, in order to ensure ongoing compliance with the law.

CROWS will:

·         establish, maintain and regularly review safety systems and risk assessments

·         make regular risk assessments available to members

·         take appropriate preventative / protective measures

·         provide adequate and competent supervision of all activities involving risk

·         ensure that appropriate training in health and safety is delivered

·         establish and maintain systems for consulting about health and safety issues

·         take health and safety considerations into account when planning developments in the service, purchasing equipment

·         maintain records of accidents and other events with health and safety implications and review and monitor these records to establish what remedial action, if any, should be taken

·         undertake reviews of the policy annually.

Adopted at General members meeting  Dated 4th October 2013

Signed:                               Role : Chair

2.    Organisation


Area co-ordinators and work party leaders

Health and safety co-ordinators

General members meetings


All volunteers will ensure that:

·         they are fully conversant with this safety policy

·         they comply with this policy

·         they take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions

·         they report all accidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences immediately to their work party leader

·         they should not go out on site alone and undertake work alone.

·         they are fully conversant with all fire procedures applicable to the area in which they are working

·         if they identify any condition which in their opinion is hazardous, they report the situation to the work party leader.

 Health and safety co-ordinators

CROWS shall appoint two health and safety co-ordinators to assist in undertaking the measures required to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed by the relevant statutory provisions.

They will be provided with appropriate training to enable them to properly assist in this work.  Areas of work can include:.

·         Risk assessments.

·         Monitoring and review of policy and procedures..

·         Receiving reports of any accidents that occur in the bureau and identifying remedial action if necessary.

·         Induction and ongoing training.

The co-ordinators will present an annual report on health and safety performance to a general meeting.

The following have been designated Health and Safety co-ordinators

Peter Clarke            Mick Chatham

Work party leaders

Work party leaders are responsible for the effective implementation of procedures and systems including monitoring, prevention of hazards and taking remedial action in their area of responsibility.

They will ensure that everyone is informed about safety issues.

General meeting of CROW membership

General meetings of members has overall responsibility for health and safety, and for ensuring that CROWS fulfils its legal responsibilities, that policy objectives are achieved and that effective machinery is in place for the achievement of policies concerned with health & safety. Members meetings are also responsible for ensuring that procedures and systems are agreed and implemented. To these ends they will ensure the allocation of the resources necessary to maintain sound and efficient health and safety arrangements.

Members meetings will ensure that health and safety policy and all associated procedures are brought to the attention of all voluntary staff.

3.    Arrangements

Risk assessments

CROWS will ensure that all activities subject to risk assessment are assessed in accordance with the relevant legislation. Assessments will be made for each project being carried out or whenever any of the following factors occur:

·         Any relevant risks on site will be communicated to volunteers by the work party leader
·         change in legislation
·         significant change in work carried out
·         original assessment is no longer valid
·         accident and / or incident occurs

Assessments will be recorded and records maintained by the appropriate person.


Reporting and investigating of accidents and dangerous occurrences

·         All accidents, dangerous occurrences and near misses will be reported immediately as soon as possible after the event to the work party leader.
·         The work party leader will report all accidents, dangerous occurrences and near misses to one of the Health & Safety co-ordinators
·         All accidents, dangerous occurrences and near misses will be investigated before the next working party.

First aiders

·         Two First aiders have been appointed in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Ginny Feeney, Richard Jackson
·         The first aiders will be responsible for taking prompt action following any accident.
·         All accidents, no matter how minor, will be reported on the agreed accident report form.


To comply with the general duty to provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as are necessary to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of volunteers, health and safety training will be provided as follows:

    <li “margin-top:7.45pt;mso-list:l6=”” lfo8;=”” tab-stops:list=”” 36.0pt”=””>At inductions.<li “margin-top:1.5pt;mso-list:l6=”” lfo8;=”” tab-stops:list=”” 36.0pt”=””>On the introduction of new equipment.<li “margin-top:1.5pt;mso-list:l6=”” lfo8;=”” tab-stops:list=”” 36.0pt”=””>When training needs are identified during risk assessments.

Repeat training will be provided at regular intervals.

Training will include:

Individual responsibility to look after one self and to watch out for others
Lifting/manual handling
Using drainage tools
Using cutting back tools
Working in or near water
Working on or near steep slopes
Using cutting and drilling tools (including COSHH)
Using fencing tools
Resolution of health and safety problems

Any CROW member with a health and safety concern must first inform the work party leader. If the problem is not corrected in a reasonable time, or it is decided that no action is required but the member is not satisfied with the outcome, they may then refer the matter to one of the health and safety co-ordinators who may make representations to the work party leader concerned. This must be in writing.

If the member is still dissatisfied, the matter can be entered on the agenda for the next general members meeting.

4. Review

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Date of next review           4th October 2014

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