Internal admin

This page is for storing internal documents, forms etc. to make it easy for CROWS members to consult.

They are in Word format which hopefully most people will be able to read. They are all open to everyone to read, but they may not all be understandable to people outside the organisation without an explanation!

Lower down the page is a list of books that can be borrowed from White Ribbon

Safety stuff
first aid unconsciousness
first aid Dealing with fractures
First Aid Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
small injury quiz
emergency texts
Removing Ticks
Health & safety policy 2017
Risk management schedule

How to guides
Waymark post guidance
using online mapping 2017
using the blog
Blog quick crib
before & after photos
using the calendar
Handbook for the Cross cut saw

Admin stuff
Recruitment leaflet
All about CROWS

General stuff
More legal stuff – FAQs from Institute of ROW officers
Impact of challenge events

Books to borrow

You will find these in, or next to the wooden admin cupboard at White Ribbon depot. Feel free to borrow, but please return when finished.

Footpaths – a practical manual, published by TCV. Probably everything you need to know about what we do, with good diagrams. (3 copies).

Repairing upland path erosion, published by NT and English Nature. Very detailed guide, with pictures.

Looking after tools, published by TCV.

Rights of Way design guide published by Northamptonshire County Council. Great explanations and diagrams.

Rights of Way: a guide to Law and practice, published by Ramblers and Open Spaces (known as the blue book). This is everything you might ever want to know (not bed time reading).

Emergency First Aid made easy – a good simple run through the basics.

First Aid made Easy – a comprehensive First Aid manual and reference guide.

Pennine Way maintenance handbook. The inspection regime for long distance paths. A bit dated.

Riches of the Earth, published Pennine Prospects. Case studies from the Watershed landscape project.

Pennine Horizons e-Trails. A  description of the 13 trails.

A walkers guide to outdoor clues and signs. A great bit of fun!

Map Addict & The Wild Rover by Mike Parker. More fun!