Report a problem Old

Please do not report deliberate blockages to us, we don’t have the authority to deal with them. If the problem looks like a deliberate blockage, you need to report it to Calderdale Council. 

Report a problem on-line

If you have identified a maintenance problem with a path, please use our simple on-line report form 

What happens next

Whichever method you use, you will get an acknowledgement that we have received the form. We will pass it on to one of our volunteers who will go and inspect the problem.

  • They will draw up a job sheet and put it in our scheduling system to be done.
  • They might refer it to someone else to deal with, e.g Calderdale Highways or Countryside Service.
  • If we are unable to deal with the problem we will write back to you with an explanation why.

The work may take some time to be completed because:

  • Sometimes we have a backlog.
  • Some jobs require us to get the landowner’s permission.
  • If it’s a big job, we may need to secure funding.
  • We may need to wait for better weather.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to tell you when the work has been completed, but we are happy for you to chase up the work..

Data protection – as soon as the work has been done or we have explained why we can’t do it, we delete the report with your contact details.

Many thanks for your help.

Reporting a deliberate blockage

CROWS can deal with natural wear and tear on footpaths, even improvements, but not with deliberate blockages. If your footpath problem looks like a deliberate blockage, then it is best to report it to Calderdale Council