Who we work with

We couldn’t survive without other organisations in the area. Some provide information about needs, some provide funding, and others provide other support.

We work alongside:

  • Calderdale Council Rights of Way Department by liaising about routes we are working on and seeking advice about standards.
  • Calderdale Countryside Service who make finger posts for us.
  • Walkers Action, Ramblers and other walking groups who tell us what needs doing.
  • Local community organisations such as Cragg Vale Community Association, Luddenden Civic society.

We have worked on specific projects for the following groups and organisations:

  • Mytholmroyd Walkers Action – e.g. working on their children’s walk.
  • Hebden Bridge Walkers Action – e.g. repairing their self-guided walks.
  • Pennine Horizons – e.g. improving the routes of e-Trails.
  • Cragg Vale Community Association – e.g. working on a new path above Cragg Brook.
  • Calderdale Long Distance Walkers Association – repairing parts of the Hebden Route.
  • National Trust – working on paths in the Hardcastle Crags area and access paths.
  • Blackshaw, Wadsworth and Heptonstall Parish Councils.
  • Todwalkers – e.g. repairing the pop-out walks and bus walks.
  • University of Huddersfield – repairing and upgrading three “Discovering Ted Hughes’s Yorkshire” trails.

We also would like to acknowledge support from:

  • White Ribbon Campaign for providing us with a depot.
  • Friends in Cornholme who give us the proceeds of an annual wreath making event.
  • Calderdale Community Foundation for an grant for buying tools.
  • Hebden Bridge Town Council for offering the possibility of financial help if we get stuck.
  • Windsor Road Residents for agreeing to open their permissive path.
  • Thomson Reuters for funding work in Cragg Vale.
  • CALVAG for always delivering on time (and sometimes to some obscure places).
  • Ian Whitehead of Calder Computers who has improved our IT systems dramatically.
  • Calderdale Council Rights of Way officers for providing advice and guidance.
  • Friends of Calderdale Countryside for a grant for buying tools.
  • Individual people who have given us tools or made individual donations.
  • Landowners who by and large are supportive of what we do.

And lots more people, we thank you all.